Map Maker 2014 Marlborough Chardonnay Pure

Map Maker 2014 Marlborough Chardonnay Pure


The 2014 summer was warm and dry from the start of spring through to harvest. The great weather at spring resulted in an abundance of perfectly set and full bunches. A small amount of leaf removal was carried out to get optimal sun exposure on the fruit and air movement through the canopy. This 2014 vintage gave us beautiful clean fruit with optimum physiological ripeness, great bunch structure and great intensity of flavors.

Each of the Map Maker Chardonnay Pure blocks was picked separately, providing us with an array of different flavors and structure, resulting in a complex wine.

Harvest Dates: 21st March – 31st March
Brix: 22.8 – 23.7


Each parcel was handled separately in the winery. Carefully pressed in a very slow cycle and then settled for 24 hours before being transferred to French oak puncheons (double sized barrels). In these great large size (all advantages of a barrel ferment without too much oak contact) barrels the wine slowly ferment. Once this primary fermentation is finished we select a number of puncheons that are showing great fruit and Chardonnay ‘purity’. These we’ll put together for the Chardonnay ‘Pure’, a unique Chardonnay which is fully barrel fermented but without the ‘secondary’ malo-lactic fermentation.

A complex, slightly fresher style Chardonnay with great structure and a very subtle oak influence.

Wine Analysis

Alcohol: 13.2% ; Acidity: 7.0g/L; pH: 3.29; Sugar: 1.0g/L

Tasting Note

This elegant style of Chardonnay wine has a bouquet spring flowers. Chardonnay Pure has a great balance between acidity, fruit intensity and minerality. The wine has good texture and attractive citrus flavors, finishing with flinty mineral length. Perfect on a hot summer day as aperitif or paired with shellfish or smoked salmon.

Map Maker 2014 Marlborough Chardonnay Pure